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Information about DMCA, Copyright, Trademark on cradleviewstore.com

Cradle View Store formally cradleviewstore.com offers products and services which are user generated and user created. These products or services include designs created by independent artists not related or involved with Cradle View Store. On this site, we use Freelance services such as Fiverr.com and Upwork.com and other Freelance services to import designs for products.

As well as this, we also allow content creators to upload designs for us and to send in designs so we can create customs products for them. Unfortunately sometimes these service providers and the individual artists/creators lie to us about the content being of their own intellectual property. We understand that this is a serious problem and we take pride in spotting which content is of their own and which content is stolen.

If you, as the individual copyright holder or someone representing the copyright holder believes that your or their content has been stolen and the content appears on this site, please report it to our support line at: support@cradleviewstore.com – please put a reference as this is very important for defining your situation and deciding on it. We receive a lot of emails and we need to decide which are a priority for each day. Thank you for understanding.

Cradle View Store, formally cradleviewstore.com is protected by the safe harbour law, first introduced in the USA. This law protect companies such as cradleviewstore.com from being subject to the responsibilities associated with the malicious practices that some users take part in on this site. Cradle View Store is committed to stopping copyright violation especially if it takes place on any entities associated or formally connected with Cradle View Store. As mentioned previously:

please email:


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